more on the team

The project is partially in continuity with the finished IPEV funded project LOTECHAIN: Long Term Environmental Changes and Human Activities in Nunavik (2012-2016, PI: D. Marguerie) and the extended IPEV funded project ADACLIM (2017-2021, PI: D. Grémillet). The proposed project is also linked to OHMI Nunavik (Observatoire Hommes-Milieux International Nunavik) dedicated to the study of human-environment interactions in the context of socio-ecological systems. In the international context, the project is strongly linked to the Center of Northern study (Centre d’études nordiques = CEN) and to the Research Group on Archaeometry from Laval University (Quebec, Canada), which currently lead several funded programs in Nunavik, on the Labrador coast and in Iceland (eg. N. Bhiry, J. Woollett; Canadian funding: NSERC, FQRSC, FCI). All questions related to elders Inuit interviews and works conducted in Nunavik and Labrador communities will first be approved by the ethical committee of the Avataq Cultural Institute (Westmount, Quebec), and by the Human Research Ethics Committee at Laval University (CÉRUL). 

We also collaborate with the Copenhagen national museum and the Greenland national museum, as well as with the Institute of Natural Resource of Greenland. All these international partners have funded programs in progress and they are just waiting for our involvement through this ANR project. Most of them are involved in the North Atlantic Biocultural Organization: an international, interdisciplinary research and education cooperative.  NABO is part of IHOPE(Integrated History and Future of People on Earth) and represents a component of IHOPE’s participation in the Future Earth ‘transformations towards sustainability’ program aiming to mobilize the long-term record of millennial- scale human ecodynamics in service of more effective scenario building for a genuinely sustainable future. Finally, we have also integrated young foreign colleagues, finishing their PhD thesis or with post doctorate positions, because their field of research was very complementary with our project (Claire Houmard from the national Museum of Copenhagen, Paul Ledger and Edouard Masson MacLean from Aberdeen university, Anne Eileen Lennert Tromsø university.

Local partners include indigenous organizations such as for Nunavik Canada, the AVATAQ Institute in Montreal and Jaanimarik school in Kuujjuaq, and for Greenland, the GUX High school in Nuuk as well as the Uummannaq Polar institute.